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New Zealand

I went to New Zealand with my family in the Summer Holidays. We stayed with the Tourist guide for two weeks and had the best of pretty much everything. Mum knew the boss of the agency so it was really fun. The most enjoyable ting was when I went horse riding. The horse I was on was called Charlie and he was sooooo CUTE!!! ^_^ Even though he ate from the trees and grass every two seconds... ~_~ Other than that I wasn't scared at all...

...actually I take that back...

I did kinda scream when Charlie stumbled and I also wanted to get of really badly... Charlie was really good after the hour was up. Anyway we saw a real black pig there too he was really cute untill he was in the way... There was also a goat that never nibbled me but went for other people who we didn't know. >_< When we had walked around the track and came back Sammy and I went for a trot but I stopped after a few meters.

Another thing I've got to say is that in New Zealand everything is really expensive except for one thing.


Thats right!





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Jan. 10th, 2008 05:07 am (UTC)
*dies* The awful grammar and spelling...!!!

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