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Opera House

Was fun. The End.


Sammy would kill me if I only wrote that much...

Well the choir t-shirt was purple for the first time in a few years (That means 60 years, it was black before) and the choir had the back seats which Cassey said was the best but I doubt it... 


Yeah I like that the best. It makes all the auto foamy  soap machines  look  bad.


Jane had her whole bag stolen at MLC because she didn't think that it was necessary  to lock her locker. (that included her books and her laptop) Poor Jane.


Pokemon - Diamond

Is there anybody out there who has Pokemon Diamond? I want to try out the friends thing and the connection so can anybody tell me how that works?


Names and Titles

So what do you think sounds better? Glorianna or Seitai? I know that they are perfect user-names but lately I'm trying to think of more except I'm having trouble doing just that so anyone have any suggestions?


Ok if you have managed to stay alive from the last post the second post is surely going to bore you with random neopet rubbish. (Yeah I'm addicted. ^_^)  So lets see what happened in neopets today...

Won a bottled light faerie from the wheel of  ...  actually I have no idea what it was called but I got a good prize!!!

I recieved a purple negg from the snowager!!! I haven't checked out how much they cost yet.  Maybe around 4k? Hope it's more...

... My mind momentarially went blank, must be lack of sleep...  Well  the holidays are  comming up so I only have to last for a few more days!!! Not that I'll have anything to do then other than ...  I know NEOPET!!!  I think I would have to play the paino though...  at least thats better than playing...  

Well guess thats all the random stuff that I can think of at the moment...

Goodnight to anyone who bothered to actualy read this without skimming though and sorry about the errors I made... >_<



Yay today's my first day on live journal (since the time the account was created) and I'll make sure that whoever reads this will be sick of my terrible spelling and posts in no time at all! ^_^